What are the qualifications required to do the course?

Educational Qualifications?

1. Minimum SSC pass but must be good in English.

2. It takes proficiency to understand English and answer it that way.

3. Must know computer basics.

4. Account Needed: Skype, Gmail, TeamViewer, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Zoom Screen Sharing Etc

How much time should be given?

1. You have to give 5-6 hours to practice working at home.

2. The more you can practice, the better.

3. You have to make a habit of learning new things by watching YouTube.

4. You have to be able to solve your own problem from Google and YouTube, otherwise, success is impossible.

5. You must try your best and pray.

. We have to put our trust in Allah, inshallah Allah makes it easy for us to earn income

Computer configuration?

1. Minimum dual-core processor for desktop.

2. Minimum i3 processor for laptop.

3. Minimum 8 GB of RAM.

4. 21.5 ”monitor is good.

5. Dedicated graphics cards are good.

Frequently Asked Questions

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