Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure


To become a student of Sultan IT Institute, while taking admission we’d need several important documents for records.

Here are a few steps that you simply have to follow to complete the admission procedures.


The list of documents that are required for admission –

  1. ✓ Documents that are required to submit while taking admission.
  2. ✓ You must pay your Course fee on time. With every extension of the given date, late fees are going to be added to the course fee.
  3. ✓ You must pay 5,000 Admission fee which is not refundable or Cancelable

Terms & Conditions

When you are paying the course fee in installments the must-follow rules are given 

  1. ✓ You must pay 50% of the course fee before starting the 1st Orientation Class and an extra 50% of the course fee you must pay within 25-30 days after the admission.
  2. ✓ The paid course fee isn’t refundable.
  3. ✓ If anyone wants to cancel his/her admission then he/she must follow our stated procedure
  4. ✓ One can change the course and batch only if it is justified with reasons and within given time periods.
  5. ✓ Backup class will be given if you inform us of the reason for absence earlier
  6. ✓ Online Class records will be uploaded within 72 hours
  7. ✓ For any reason, Sultan IT Institute can cancel anyone’s admission without prior notice.


You must agree on all terms & conditions before getting admission to the Sultan IT Institute

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